Monday, October 2, 2017

Lombok & Gili - 4 girls trip 2017

Arrived really late at Lombok International airport. We spent only 300,000IDR on airport transfer, about 2 hours drive to Anema Resort, Gili. I think it's a pretty decent price.
It's so funny that we got a free upgrade to a suite with private pool because the receptionist made a mistake. I like Anema Resort a lot because it is really quiet.

Lots of amenities, facilities but I didn't have the chance the explore their spa. I like the fact that it's an ala carte breakfast so we can order lots of food and lots of freshly squeezed juice, from 7am to 10am.

I tried their canoe. It is fun and could see some corals with some fish swimming under. But it's too hot..... the sun rises at 6am which makes 7.30am canoeing a super bright and sunny one. Canoeing is freeeeeee.

We spent a long time in out own private pool because it comes with Jacuzzi!!! I really needed a break and just chill.... Anema Resort is a nice place to chill and it's not very expensive.

We went to Bukit Meresek (I think that's how it's spelled), the waterfall place and dinner at Senggigi. a whole day tour like this costs 550,000IDR. A private van with a driver drove us 4 around.

I really love the nature! so much endorphins, we climbed the stairs, did a bit of trekking, did a bit of picnic, and feet soaking in the super cooling natural mountain water. Did many we-fies and we gotten our tour guide to take photos for us. we spent 420,000IDR (inclusive 3 spots and motorbike) for the entire waterfall trip. We paid for motorbike cuz we don't want to tire ourselves out and it saves us time! we need to rush to Bkt Meresek for sunset!!! cuz sunset is happening at 6.10pm!!!

So in short, our 5 days Lombok & Gili trip itinerary is as follows:

Day 1: Checked in Anema Resort at 10.30pm
Day 2: Breakfast at resort, soak and swim in private pool, Outdoor trip - Waterfall, Bkt Meresek, seafood dinner at Senggigi
Day 3: Canoe at resort, soak in private pool again, checked out and depart to Gili Trawangan, checked in to Scallywags, lunch at The Banyan Tree, cycling, chilling and watched sunset at Malibu Beach Club (Gili T), dinner at Le Petit
Day 4: Snorkeling from 8am - 1pm, lunch at The Thai Garden, visited Scallywags Spa, dinner at Scallywags BBQ restaurant
Day 5: Chill at the poolside for breakfast, checked out and headed to the airport

I think I spent about RM1500, inclusive of everything, with spa and minimal shopping.

Quite a decent trip, though I doubt I would come back again. I would prefer spending RM1500 at some other new places for my own exploration and expedition.

Gili Air

At a hindsight, the people in Lombok are generally helpful, friendly, and they are simple minded (in a good way).
I had fun over the five days. I love the pictures that we had taken because the sun just made them extremely beautiful.

Sunset at the Malibu Beach Club, Gili T

I never thought sunset could be that fascinating but Bkt Meresek view was spectacular. It really one of those highlights.

Well, not sure if anyone would be reading my blog but it would be helpful if I list down all the expenditures for reference. maybe it would be helpful for my friends who are going to Lombok and Gili.

Expenses all in IDR (over 4 pax)
Airport transfer to Anema Resort, Gili - 300,000
Waterfall entrance and bike - 420,000
Picnic at waterfall - 50,000
Dinner at Senggigi - 772,000
Day tour driver with private - 550,000
Speed boat transfer from Teluk Nara to Gili T - 400,000
Snorkelling package with private boat - 1,000,000
Lunch at the Banyan Tree - 210,000
Dinner at Le petit - 212,000
Drinks at Malibu Beach Club - 280,000
Airport transfer from Teluk Nara - 300,000

I would think Gili T is really a must visit place. The water is so clean and clear, the sea is just wonderful. It's nice with nature and for a chilling sensation. I don't mean the weather because it's too sunny and hot but I meant the mood and tone of the place. many many tourists of course, a good place for sightseeing and cycling.... but not so good for the air cuz it's really dusty, with the kereta kuda swaying here and there......
taken in front of The Banyan Tree

Got stung by small jellyfish when we were out snorkelling. Thank God those were just small rashes and it heals within hours. Thank God!!!

I was feeling really nauseated... for whatever reason so I puked in the ocean...yikes...the fishes must be so happy to have food to eat....

Good bye!!!!

Pacesetter Kedah

Supposed to be a smiley face. But I was too rushed to eating it.

It's these little things that cheer me up. Thank you Lord. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

My new list of FAVOURITEs 2014

Favourite Boutique - H&M
Favourite Lingerie - Wacoal, Triumph
Favourite Soundtrack - Frozen 
Favourite Cafe - Coffee Bean
Favourite Fruit Store - MBG
Favourite Scripture - Luke 6:38
Favourite Cosmetics - CHANEL, Lancôme 
Favourite Perfume - Nil
Favourite Soft Toy - Nil
Favourite Flower - Lily
Favourite song to sing now - for the first time in forever (Frozen)
Favourite actress - Lindsay Price
Favourite colour - Pink

Friday, June 14, 2013




Monday, June 3, 2013

A new beginning...hopefully

Through thick and thin...

I have been wondering if it's time for me to serve full time, as a priest...
I guess this time is another milestone I need to create or set or reach.

This serves as a new page for me, where it has brought me to a new level of understanding. My future is not unveiled clearly nor it has brought me to be prophesying what's ahead; I'm willing to see where I am going.


Spooling.... Memories down the lane....

God was speaking to me while I was waiting for my photocopier.

A song which I listened in Jubilee Camp was playing at that time, "父亲的心要转向儿女". That's the chorus.

I instantly got this impression of "your boss is going to change".

"God, if he is changing, then I'll stay cuz I know it's you speaking to me"

So here I am, and it's like the fog has lifted....

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Restoration - part of it

You won't realize the importance of security until you have lost it.

Too bad... all mankind are like that...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

LIFE is....

箴14:4 家里无牛,槽头干净,土产加多,乃凭牛力